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Data pipelines require version control too!

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If you’ve ever dealt with code collaboratively, you’d understand the importance of version control and branching strategies. These are the key tools that allow multiple developers to work on a project in parallel. Without them, your product is very likely to break.

For those who don’t understand what version control…

Once you go Plotly, you can’t go back

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Data Visualization is the language of Data Scientists.
If you are in the Data Industry, chances are you would need to present data to someone. You can’t do that without some visualization magic.

As the tech industry matures, the demand for better visualizations increases. Each type of visualization has its…

Data engineering tricks to build quality data pipelines

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Hey everyone,
behind every tech product, there is automation to be done to keep data clean and up to date. It's 2021, only knowing how to build cool data models isn't sufficient to survive in the data scientist space. You have to dive deeper.

Nowadays, data pipelines are getting more…

Nicholas Leong

Data Scientist turned Engineer — Crunching data and writing about it so you don’t get headaches. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickefy/

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